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New members of the 66 PROPERTY Team!

Its been a while since we posted. Fact is we’ve been so busy with new challenges of building up the agency and adding more team members. We are happy to introduce from left to right: Cartoon – Our happiest team member. Always laughing and looking at things in the most positive way. Being new in the field, Cartoon has a fighting spirit like no …

66 VLOGS Sep 20, 2020 0 Continue Reading

1000 Subscribers on YouTube!

Just wanted to thank everyone who has subscribed to our channel and if aren’t subscribed to our awesome channel, then what are you waiting for? Usually we post video walkthroughs of properties we are visiting throughout the week. We will also be posting vlogs and episodes with information about Chiang Mai and various neighborhoods. Also if you happen to watch any of my videos …

66 VLOGS Jun 14, 2020 0 Continue Reading

A Trip to Chom Thong

We had to take a trip to Chom Thong, and we found something beautiful and untouched. Chom Thong might be the next place to build your holiday home.

Working under COVID. Holed up in a big 12th floor cond...

We are currently in the middle of moving offices so decided to work out of a big condo with nice city views over Chiang Mai. This is also our first Vlog entry. We want to bring you along on a ride of working in property in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

66 VLOGS May 20, 2020 2 Continue Reading

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