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Hillside 4 Condotel

Posted by Alex Copenhagen on February 16, 2020

Hillside 4 is one of the older condo buildings in Chiang mai and one with probably the most amount of units. In fact the Hillside buildings in general are all serious contenders when it comes to living or investing in property in Chiang Mai.

Located in one of the best locations in Chiang Mai – In between the old city, Santitham and right on the edge of Nimmanhaemin with panoramic mountain views. Hillside 4 has a massive lobby with everything from convenient stories to a restaurant in a newly renovated lobby as well as a full gym and a swimming pool.

It’s also the biggest condo building in all of Chiang Mai boasting over 500 residential units, mostly comprised of ~45 square meter studios but also 1-3 bedroom units ranging from 70-200 square meters.

One of the most characteristic features of the Hillside 4 units are the big balconies where evening chilling truly can occur as well as more a kitchen than you are able to find in other condos in Chiang Mai.

Hillside 4 is also a great candidate for investing, because of location, the mountain views and swimming pool.

The units themselves are dated however seeing as the building is over 20 years old, but many new investors choose to renovate fully to increase their ROI on daily rentals.

Despite the age of the building, Hillside 4 lobby was recently renovated and is consistently well maintained.

Great for investing or living – Hillside 4 is definitely near the top when it comes to recommendations from 66 Property.

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